Are you an educator looking to empower your students to make a real difference in the world? Do you want to develop innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets among your students?

Our comprehensive 6-week training programme is tailored to equip university educators like yourself with competences and tools to foster impactful teaching practices across disciplines. Through a series of engaging workshops and seminars, you’ll explore various modules that will enhance your teaching approach and inspire your students to create meaningful impact.

The training programme targets current and aspiring educators with teaching duties at universities: profiles include but not limited to (assoc.) professors lecturers, curriculum designers, educational advisors, or PhD students across different disciplines who are interested in developing more innovative and engaging teaching practices that help students become more impactful.

There are two available pathways for participants: whether you simply want to learn the basics about what it means to be an impactful educator, or you want to take a hands-on approach to your impactful learning journey.

Through participating in our Educators for Impact Training Programme, you will:

  • Enhance your ability to guide students in creating real-world value.
  • Expand your impact beyond the classroom.
  • Engage in reflection and collaboration with a community of like-minded educators.
  • Receive personalised support and guidance through facilitated Personal Application Projects (PAPs) sessions


Don’t miss this opportunity to empower yourself as an educator and inspire your students to become impactful changemakers. Visit our Training page to find out more and register today!