Welcome to the Educators for Impact Training!

Are you an educator looking to empower your students to make a real difference in the world? Do you want to develop innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets among your students?

Our comprehensive 6-week programme is tailored to equip university educators like yourself with competences and tools to foster impactful teaching practices across disciplines. Through a series of engaging workshops and seminars, you’ll explore various modules that will enhance your teaching approach and inspire your students to create meaningful impact.

Through participating in our Educators for Impact Training Programme, you will:

  • Enhance your ability to guide students in creating real-world value.
  • Expand your impact beyond the classroom.
  • Engage in reflection and collaboration with a community of like-minded educators.
  • Receive personalised support and guidance through facilitated Personal Application Projects (PAPs) sessions

Don’t miss this opportunity to empower yourself as an educator and inspire your students to become impactful changemakers. Join our training programme today and make a difference in the lives of your students and the communities they serve.

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How you can benefit

Who should participate?

Current and aspiring educators with teaching duties at universities: profiles include but not limited to (assoc.) professors lecturers, curriculum designers, educational advisors, or PhD students across different disciplines who are interested in developing more innovative and engaging teaching practices that help students become more impactful.


There are two available pathways for participants: whether you simply want to learn the basics about what it means to be an impactful educator, or you want to take a hands-on approach to your impactful learning journey.

Exploratory Pathway

Learn about the importance of teaching for impact and how to empower students to be changemakers in their academic and professional work.

Activities: Workshops, seminars, networking

Time commitment: Up to 14 hours

Certificate: No

Certification Pathway

Learn about the importance of teaching for impact and how to empower students to be changemakers in their academic and professional work. Create a plan to embed more impactful teaching practices.

Activities: Workshops, seminars, networking, PAP development

Time commitment: 17 hours*

Certificate: Yes


In order to obtain your certificate, you must attend 75% of the workshops and PAP sessions. The first workshop and PAP session is mandatory.

*This does not include time required to advance projects outside of scheduled activities.

Personal Application Projects

Personal Application Projects (PAPs) are central to the Educators for Impact Training Programme. Each participant undertaking the Certification Pathway will be guided through the process of completing a PAP based on their own teaching & lectures. Throughout the programme, each participant will provide details about their PAP, which they will present in the final session of the programme.

Programme Overview

“Education for Impact” spans beyond just embedding entrepreneurship education across disciplines.

We believe the next generation of educators, who empower the future talent to instigate real-life impact are themselves multi-angled individuals. Inspired by the learnings from our Investigation into entrepreneurial and innovative educator profile (PR1), we have synthesised knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for educators to support more impactful education into four individual competency profiles.

This training programme is built around these competency profiles (as Modules) and help the participants to explore, contextualise, and exercise the knowledge, skills and attitudes of an Educator for Impact through structured training interventions, personal application projects and mentorship and peer-to-peer learning.

Sessions Overview

Opening & Introduction to the Programme
Workshop: Developing Your and Your Students' Innovative & Entrepreneurial Mindset

Learning outcomes

At the conclusion of this module, the participant will
• Understand the concept of an entrepreneurial mindset and its relevance to education
• Self-assess their entrepreneurial mindset and identify areas for growth
• Apply practical tools and strategies to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in the context of education
• Collaborate with peers to generate innovative ideas for education solutions
• Pitch their workshop outcome and receive feedback from peers
• Reflect on their learning and identify the next steps for integrating an entrepreneurial mindset into their teaching practices.

Facilitator: Elif Celik (Technical University Delft)

Workshop: Using Entrepreneurial Education for More Impactful Teaching Across Disciplines

Learning outcomes 

At the conclusion of this module, the participant will:
• Develop an understanding of the concept of entrepreneurial education and its role in teaching across disciplines;
• Analyze the different approaches to incorporating entrepreneurial education into teaching across different disciplines;
• Identify and discuss the benefits of entrepreneurial education in teaching and student learning;
• Develop understanding of how to integrate entrepreneurial education into existing courses in your field;
• Identify and discuss the potential challenges of using entrepreneurial education in teaching;
• Discuss strategies for leveraging entrepreneurial education to create a more impactful teaching experience.

Facilitators: Laura Toschi & Anna Fedorova (University of Bologna)

Seminar: Educational Tools & Approaches for Education for Impact

Learning outcomes 

At the conclusion of this module, the participant will:
• Understand the value and the types of (digital) tools and educational methodologies/ technologies
• Understand the barriers associated with implementing digital tools and educational technologies and how to overcome them
• Be able to integrate these (digital) tools and educational methodologies/technologies into the curriculum and use them in practice.

Facilitators: Monica Collins (Institut Mines-Télécom Business School)

Workshop: External Relationships to Enhance your Teaching Practices

Learning outcomes 

At the conclusion of this module, the participant will:
• have a more holistic understanding of quadruple helix collaboration as well as its challenges and opportunities for the co-design and co-delivery of impactful education curriculum
• gain deeper knowledge about the elements contributing to the success of quadruple helix collaboration for impactful education
• Understand how and be able to integrate external stakeholders into your curriculum and their roles in education co-design and co-delivery
• Have clarity about the mechanisms supporting cooperation in curriculum design and delivery
• Gain insights on relationship management and trust building with external stakeholders (using How to Build & Maintain Partnerships worksheet)
• Be able to scan ecosystem to identify relevant external stakeholders (using How to Scan Your Quadruple Helix Environment worksheet)

Facilitator: Balzhan Orazbayeva (UIIN)

Workshop: Take Your Impact Beyond the Classroom and Into Your Organisation

Learning outcomes 

At the conclusion of this module, the participant will:
• Be able to use story-telling to communicate impact and raise awareness to inspire others to take up impactful education.

Facilitator: Hazel Israel (Bantani Education)

Learning and Reflection

Our Facilitators

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