Welcome to the Impactful Educators edition of the e-zine!

Welcome to the fourth and final edition of the Educators for Impact e-zine. In this special issue, we take a look at six inspiring initiatives from our Impactful Educator Awards. Explore these initiatives that transcend disciplinary boundaries, equipping students necessary to thrive in the 21st Century. From London to Sydney and from experience design to data science, join us as we celebrate the educators who are working hard to embed innovative and entrepreneurial pedagogies across the entire higher education curriculum, unbounded by discipline, and empowering students to make a meaningful impact on the world.

An Introduction to the Educators for Impact Awards

The Impactful Educator Awards recognises university educators who are supporting the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset as a means to enhance the impact of education, address societal challenges, and introduce novelty into the education sector. There were three award categories in the awards: Innovative Mindset Master, Empowering Learning Journey Hero & Impactful Partnerships Builder.

Filip Burgelman – The ‘Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship’ Elective

Filip Burgelman is an Entrepreneurship Education Architect, EntreComp Champion and Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences in Mechelen, Belgium. Filip’s intervention is the ‘’Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship’’ elective course at Thomas More, where third-year students from the bachelor’s degree programs in interior design and business management work together in an interdisciplinary setting.

Peter Rachor – The Hynds Entrepreneurial Fellows Programme

Peter Rachor is the driving force behind the Hynds Entrepreneurial Fellows Programme at the University of Auckland. This visionary and ambitious initiative emerged as a “moon-shot” endeavour to instil an entrepreneurial mindset and innovative capability in students across diverse study areas. The initiative was created in recognition of entrepreneurship education’s potential to have an exponential economic social, environmental and economic impact on society.

Deb Shepherd and Judith Marecek – Summer Lab

Deb Shepherd is an Entrepreneurial Fellow at the University of Auckland Business School’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Judith Marecek is an experience design educator and Manager at the University of Auckland Business School’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Together Deb and Judith delivered Summer Lab, an intensive 4-week entrepreneurship programme designed to ignite the entrepreneur within.

Pigalle Tavakkoli – School of Experience Design

Pigalle Tavakkoli is an Experience Design Educator, Associate Lecturer at Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London, and Founder & Director School of Experience Design. In 2012 Pigalle and Susanne Buck co-developed the first short course in Experience Design in the UK, held at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. Pigalle recognised that there was a need for a short course in Experience Design that embeds an innovative approach, to enable students to think holistically and create sustainable solutions in response to complex circumstances. In response to this need, she co-developed a course that prioritises the development of emotional intelligence and practical skills crucial for navigating 21st-century challenges.

Antonette Shibani – Innovation Lab

Antonette Shibani is a Senior Lecturer at TransDisciplinary (TD) School, University of Technology Sydney. Antonette led the design of Innovation Lab (iLab), a core work-integrated learning subject for the Master of Data Science and Innovation at TD School, University of Technology Sydney (UTS) from 2019-2023. Here she championed the use of innovative teaching methods and reimagined sustained partnerships with industry.

Lieven Desomviele presents 3ID LABS

Lieven Desomviele is a Labmaster at 3ID LABS at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences. 3ID LABS is a multidisciplinary Living Lab at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), Ghent, fostering sustainable and social entrepreneurship. The programme focuses on addressing complex societal issues using Human Centred Design, where super-diverse teams from all over the world, different professions and ages create solutions, whilst individuals within these teams, learn how to become self-directive professionals.