Welcome to the Educators for Impact e-zine!

Welcome to the second edition of the Educators for Impact e-zine. Through this series of publications we aim to share news about the project and related initiatives, in order to spark further inspiration, collaboration and innovation in the field of Education for Impact.

In this issue we set the scene: What have we learned throughout the course of this project? What do Educators require to be able to help their students create impact, what examples of good practice can we learn from?

Insights From Our Research

Entrepreneurial Education (EE) is mostly confined to business schools or business-related curricula. However, the adoption of a wider conception of EE requires a change of direction. Education for impact is entrepreneurial at core, and it includes bringing business aspects to non-business students as well as equipping them with entrepreneurial competencies.

Case Study: Minor Technology-based Entrepreneurship

In a world where technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, entrepreneurial education has become an essential component of universities of technology. These institutions are uniquely positioned to prepare students for the rapidly changing workforce by teaching them the skills and mindset necessary to innovate and create new businesses and products.

How can educators support their students to create value beyond the classroom?

Overall, to equip educators to support their students to create value and impact, a combination of pedagogical, technological, and entrepreneurial skills is required. To equip educators to support their students to create value and make an impact, the following tools and competencies are essential.

Partner Spotlight – UIIN

UIIN is an international leader on university-industry engagement, entrepreneurial & engaged universities and knowledge transfer. We are dedicated to advancing the future of higher education institutions and supporting our global community of university-industry professionals.