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University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) Technische Universiteit Delft (TU Delft) BANTANI Education (Belgium) Institut Mines-Telecom Business School (IMTBS) The University of Bologna (UNIBO) ggg

University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN)

UIIN is a vibrant network of academics, practitioners and business professionals passionate about advancing University-Industry interaction, entrepreneurial universities and collaborative innovation. UIIN will lead the creation of the Entrepreneurial Educators’ Training Programme & Toolkit and will be involved in the development of all other Project Results.

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Technische Universiteit Delft (TU Delft)

The Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship (DCE), part of Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, is responsible for the provision of education programs and conducts research programs related to Technology Entrepreneurship. One of the main missions of DCE is to empower entrepreneurial minds; DCE focuses on methods and tools to learn engineers the skills and mindset of entrepreneurs and business leaders. DCE aims to bring its years of experience in entrepreneurship education with multidisciplinary learners to the project and will be involved in the development of all Project Results.

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BANTANI Education (Belgium)

Bantani Education is a dedicated team working on the common goal to inspire and create, accessible, high-quality entrepreneurial learning opportunities for all. Working across policy and practice, Bantani are experts in entrepreneurial education and work through a wide range of projects to bring our vision to communities across Europe and around the world. Bantani will lead the creation of the Entrepreneurial Educators’ Self-Assessment Framework and will be involved in the development of all other Project Results.

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Institut Mines-Telecom Business School (IMTBS)

Institut Mines-Télécom Business School (IMTBS) is one of 13 graduate schools in the Institut Mines- Télécom, one of France’s major educational and research establishments. Developed within the tradition of French Grandes Écoles, IMTBS is an educational establishment internationally renowned in its field with very close engagement with business and government. Training the entrepreneurs of the future is a priority for IMTBS. It is our understanding at IMTBS of the critical importance of training the next generation of changemakers, and interest in constantly innovating in entrepreneurship education that led us to join the outstanding consortium of partners in the Educators for Impact project. 

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The University of Bologna (UNIBO)

The University of Bologna (UNIBO), founded in 1088, is one of the most renowned and prestigious universities across Europe. The Department of Management (DiSA) provides a dynamic research environment in which faculty members and distinguished visitors conduct both applied and theoretical research, with the aim to increase and disseminate managerial culture and foster innovation in various fields including entrepreneurship. UNIBO strongly believe in taking part in the learning transition, helping educators to develop a mindset that combines content excellence with the most innovative methods in teaching and, so, being able to offer students from all the disciplines the best learning journey. UNIBO are leading the Educators for Impact project.

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