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The Erasmus+ funded project Educators for Impact targets HE educators across disciplines to enhance the impact of their teaching practices, by enabling them to develop entrepreneurial competencies and employ innovative pedagogies in their educational programmes. With this focus, the project aims to inspire the next generation of changemakers, empowering educators and students alike to enhance their societal impact through thinking and acting entrepreneurially.

Educators for Impact Objectives

Raise awareness on the needs and benefits of developing educators’ entrepreneurial skills and attitudes to enhance the impact of their teaching practices.

Facilitate the development of innovative pedagogies and entrepreneurial attitudes among HE educators, translated into their teaching practices through training and Personal Application Projects (PAPs).

Support transferability of good practices on innovative education across disciplines.

Design an assessment criterion to profile ‘impactful educators’ based on EntreComp and assess the entrepreneurial competencies training needs.

Develop more innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystems, by fostering development of entrepreneurial mindsets among wider groups of HE educators and academics, locally and internationally.

Educators for Impact Project Results


Educators for Impact Training Investigation Report

Educators for Impact Self-Assessment Framework

Educators for Impact Training Programme & Toolkit

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